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Q:    How do we encourage the youngest of our community to become life long learners and design their own future?

A:     Volunteer at an Official FIRST LEGO League Jr. Expo!

Whatever your expertise, FIRST has a Volunteer opportunity for you. FIRST encourages Volunteers with both technical and non-technical expertise, and there’s NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED!

We have fun!  Really!  It’s a FIRST LEGO League Jr. Core Value

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Do I need to be affiliated with a student or school to volunteer?

No, you do not need to be affiliated with a student or school to volunteer.
FIRST Volunteers are people from all walks of life that come together to lead by example in the ways of science, technology, and citizenship.

What is the time commitment for volunteering?

Official Expos take place on select weekends in February and March and last between 2-3 hours. Depending on the role, more or less time may be required.

Where are the Official Expos located?

Currently Official Expos take place in the St. Louis and St. Charles areas of the FIRST Eastern Missouri region.

Official Expo Volunteer Roles


The most important job of this role is to LISTEN to the team presentations and follow up with encouraging and supportive questions about the team’s challenge theme journey.
After presentations, reviewers collaborate to assign awards to all teams and participate in the closing ceremony.

  • Must be able to relate to kids age 6-10 and be a positive role model at all times.
  • Training provided
  • Volunteer age minimum is 18
  • High School juniors or seniors participating on a FIRST team will be considered for this role. Please contact FLLJr@Stlfirst.org

Head Reviewer

Advises Reviewers by providing role support before the expo begins. Leads award assignment collaboration. Organizes and prepares provided materials used at expo.

  • Must be able to relate to kids age 6-10 and be a positive role model at all times.
  • This is a leadership role, strong interpersonal/communication skills required.
  • Experience with FIRST LEGO League Jr program required.
  • Training provided
  • Volunteer age minimum is 18


Capture the excitement and awesomeness of the teams, volunteers, spectators at the expo through photos or video.

  • Can be a professional or hobbyist
  • Minimum volunteer age is High School. Will consider middle school students participating on a FIRST team. Please contact FLLJr@Stlfirst.org
  • Volunteer uses own equipment

Check In Info Table

Supplies answers to any questions about event or FIRST. Provides status of volunteer and team attendance. Ensures Consent and Release forms are completed for all participants.

  • Knowledge of FIRST and FIRST LEGO League Jr. program desirable.
  • Volunteer minimum age is High School. Will consider middle school students participating on a FIRST team. Please contact FLLJr@Stlfirst.org

Robot Demonstration

FIRST Robotic, FIRST Tech Challenge and FIRST LEGO League teams – this is your invite!

FIRST is a progression of programs and there’s no better place to see it in action than at an official FIRST LEGO League Jr expo. Your team and what it does will enthrall our youngest members and their families.
After the robot demos we encourage teams to take part in the closing ceremony. So cool!!

Closing Ceremony Speaker

Do you have a STEM story to share with an early elementary audience (grades K-4) that inspires an openness and curiosity to possibilities? A story that instills confidence in their ability to learn and do things; letting them know that they are capable of affecting positive change in their own lives, their communities and in the world?

Then we invite you to share your knowledge and imagine a world being different because of you!

Let us know. Send an Email to FLLJr@Stlfirst.org with a little about yourself and your topic and we will place you in an expo.


What is the initial volunteer registration process?

All volunteers need to create an account with FIRST to access the Volunteer Registration system. Click here to setup a FIRST account.

If you already have a FIRST account, log in from the home page of the firstinspires.org website on the top righthand side.

Volunteer Registration User Guide can be found by clicking here.

Once you have activated your FIRST account, you will be able to complete the “About You” and “Expertise” sections . The information in these sections will help us match you to volunteering roles that fit your interests. This information will also be helpful by providing us with dietary restrictions for catering, proper shirts size, and any physical limitations that may prohibit you from participating in certain volunteering roles. 

Why is there a background check for volunteers?

FIRST is serious about student safety. We strive to create an environment in which team members can grow, learn, and have fun with minimal risk of injury.

To ensure we are creating a safe environment for all FIRST team members, every adult volunteer from the United States and Canada must complete a background screening through our Volunteer Registration process.

Click here for more information about the FIRST Youth Protection Program.

How do I volunteer for specific events and volunteering roles?

Once you have completed the initial volunteer registration process and have passed our background screening, you will be able to apply for specific events and volunteering roles in the Volunteer Role Application section. You will be able to edit/delete your applications at any time leading up to the event and prior to being assigned by the Volunteer Coordinator of the event. 

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